Trade Win Profit Academy Review + TWP Price Action Discount 

Are you thinking about enrolling in the Trade Win Profit Academy course to become an expert trader? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

I will help you go over the course’s key factors and I will give my assessment of its value to you in this review. I will also talk about the course material, the instructor’s qualifications, and its worth. 

Finally, I will discuss the Trade Win Profit Academy course in general terms and if I think it’s worthwhile from my experience taking the course.

Let’s begin! 

What is Trade Win Profit Academy from my Experience?

With Ben’s course, I learned how to profit from the swings in the FOREX market, including all of the ups and downs and sideways movement of the market, through the Day Trading Addict Course (which is also called the TWP Price Action Course or the Trade Win Profit Academy)

As I progressed through the course, I came to believe that Ben’s Trade Win Profit Price Action course was meant to assist people to stop losing money and show them how to make money in their trades.

BEN, the expert trader behind the Day Trading Addict YouTube channel, built the Trade Win Profit Academy platform, which offers potent Price Action training.

You’ll notice that Ben has been a day trader for 14 years when you look at his profile (also known as the Day Trading Addict). He makes it clear that he is eager to share his knowledge and help traders improve their trading. 

Ben’s most recent Price Action Course is expected to assist thousands of traders in achieving financial independence.

With the approaches, tools, and training provided in this course, I was able to achieve greater satisfaction, overcome challenges, and make more money.

I also stopped speculating about the best time to enter or exit trades and my small day trading balance increased from $300 to $550 in a week and a few days thanks to Ben’s effective formula, which was discussed in this course.

Is Trade Win Profit Academy (TWP Price Action) Worth It?

The Day Trading Addict Course by Ben was worth every penny, in my opinion. It covered every aspect of FOREX trading that took me from a young child to an adult day trader (at least to some level).

I got access to all the resources that would help me become a profitable trader after enrolling in the course through the exclusive membership.

The membership offers the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Price Action Course
  • Premium Private Member-Only Trading Chat Room
  • Exclusive Custom-Made Supply & Demand Indicator

1. Exclusive Price Action Course

I had access to the Exclusive Price Action Course after purchasing Ben’s instructions. I learned how to trade for the first time with the Exclusive Price Action Course. This training taught me how to master the art of using supply and demand to increase the profits I made from my transactions. 

Ben provided his professional trading method in this course on price action, which enables anyone to benefit from steady trading. Don’t worry; I will go into great detail about this course later in this post.

2. Premium Private Member-Only Trading Chat Room

I also received access to a premium, exclusive trading chat room through this subscription, where I could converse with other traders who shared my interests and others who were more experienced.

I observed other students submitting charts and exchanging thoughts in the chat room. In fact, there was a good chance that I would discover at least one crucial tip each day from this exclusive chat room.

This was advantageous for me because it encouraged a healthy increase in knowledge.

3. Exclusive Custom-Made Supply & Demand Indicator

This subscription provided me with a personalized supply and demand indicator that I used to identify supply and demand areas in my chart.

With the aid of this indicator, I was able to rapidly locate the areas of the chart where the supply was greater than the demand and where the demand was greater than the supply.

Additionally, the custom-made supply and demand indicator has a purchase and sell confirmation, which helped me determine exactly where and when to buy or sell (and also leave the trade). Especially as a beginner, this made trading simple for me.

Day Trading Addict Course Review: What’s Inside the Trade Win Profit Course?

The Trade Win Profit course is divided into modules, and each module has a set of video lectures that helped me along the way. 

The TWP Price course consists of 15 courses, with module 1 through 15 covering everything from fundamental concepts to mastering price action trading.

Module 1: Introduction

The skills I learned in this module—which was the first—introduced me to crucial concepts of the program that were helpful as I progressed.

This module consists of two 16-minute-long videos that are broken up into smaller courses. These lessons weren’t particularly sophisticated; they merely helped me mentally prepare for the course’s remaining material.

I learned about the perks I’ll be receiving as I move forward in this module’s teachings. 

I discovered the discord trading room, which will aid in my personal development, learning, and idea sharing. Indicators were another topic I learned about, along with their definitions and applications.

Module 2: Beginners

Module 2 contains 11 lectures in video format, totaling 78 minutes. I discovered all the fundamentals that a brand-new FOREX trader needs to know in this program.

Some of the lessons I picked up from this module are as follows:

  • Candlesticks
  • Support and resistance
  • Up down and sideways
  • What is a pip and tick
  • Chart patterns
  • How to place a trade
  • What time to trade
  • Brokers, etc. 

Module 3: What I Learned from Studying Professional Traders

Only one video lesson, lasting 20 minutes, was provided for me in this module. Ben shared all that he had learned from studying professional traders in module 3 based on his own experiences.

I really enjoyed this video because it prevented me from making a lot of errors. I always referred back to it whenever I felt inclined to attempt something new to see how it turned out for others. I was genuinely gaining knowledge from other folks.

Module 4: The Way The Markets Move

In just seven video courses totaling 72 minutes, I learned exactly what drives the market and why there are ups and downs in price movements in this module.

Spoiler alert: The market is driven by supply and demand. I had the opportunity to study everything about how supply and demand affect market movement in this course.

I learned how to leverage supply and demand to my greatest advantage and to comprehend it like a master.

Module 5: How to Build a Small Account

Every beginning FOREX trader needs to start someplace, and that place should be a small account, particularly if you lack the necessary funds.

I learned how to create a small trading account from the 8 videos in module 5 a total of 154 minutes in length.

Even though I had enough money to trade with large equity and lot size, it was still important that I start modestly to hone my skills. Then, after developing confidence in my abilities, I upped my investment. 

You will quickly develop into a trading expert if you can stick with it and figure out how to grow a modest account into a huge one as I did. I advise you to take your time watching these lessons because they take up more than two hours and thirty minutes.

Module 6: How To Trade Traps (Setups)

One of the most challenging things I had to do was trade Traps. Not to mention how close I came to blowing my account as a result.

I was able to breeze through because of this module. Only one video lesson, which lasted 12 minutes and covered all the information I required to trade traps effectively, was available for this topic.

Module 7: Setups and How To Exit

Identifying buy and sell signals before engaging in a trade might be challenging. That was something that I frequently encountered as well — which is one of the crucial things every FOREX trader should know.

This module provided me with 4 video lessons covering everything I needed to know about setups, which are signals to look out for before entering a trade, and how to close out a trade. The videos were a total of 269 minutes long.

Module 8: How To Master Reversals and Deep Pullbacks

When trading, we can’t eliminate the chance of a trend reversal or decline. I won’t lie; I was also caught up in some of the blunders that might cause traders to blow their accounts.

I never made the same error that beginners do when studying reversals and deep pullbacks after this module. But, of course, I had to practice a lot.

I was able to master deep pullbacks and reversals thanks to this program. With 9 video courses and 285 minutes of content, this module is jam-packed with information on trading setups and how-tos.

Module 9: Professional Trading

In Module 9, I was given access to 8 video lessons totaling 136 minutes in length, all of which were geared toward educating me on how to employ professional trading techniques to get the massive gains everyone has always desired.

I learned the main trading strategies from this module. Most of the professional trading tactics used by Ben and other experienced traders, which was sufficient to prepare me to begin my journey as a trader.

Module 10: Swing Trading Examples

There is only one video lesson in Module 10 and it lasts for 19 minutes. I learned about swing trading through this course, “Swing Trading Examples.”

I also got to observe examples of swing trading from experienced swing traders. This helped me in modeling proven successful strategies that most advanced FOREX traders use.

Module 11: Smart Money Manipulation

Smart money is the term used to describe the capital that these sharks control. In this program, I learned everything there is to know about using Smart Money effectively.

I rapidly realized that I was a tiny fish in the sea when it came to FOREX trading. Brokers, institutional investors, central banks, market experts, and other financial experts with billions of dollars to manipulate the FOREX market make up the sharks.

Two 42-minute long videos in module 11 that cover all the shrewd financial maneuvers you can use to manipulate your way to earnings are included.

Module 12: What to Do and What Not to Do

I occasionally wish I had a guide that explained what to do and what not to do when trading. Well, this module gave me one: a guideline to consider when trading.

This module consists of two 16-minute long video courses that explain what to do and what not to do when trading in the FOREX market.

Module 13 – How to Journal like a Pro

I can’t emphasize enough how much of a help journaling has been for me. This module’s courses helped me journal like a pro while keeping track of what works and what doesn’t.

Two 18-minute-long videos that explain all aspects of journaling are included in module 13 and may be found there.

Module 14 – How to Set Up your Indicator

Whether it comes to deciding when to enter or quit a trade, indicators are helpful tools or markers. My personal experience has been that they assisted me in interpreting trade signals without requiring me to stare idly at candlesticks.

I learned about putting up indicators from the four video courses in module 14 that have a combined length of 59 minutes.

Everybody’s process of setting up an indication is unique, and it frequently incorporates a trading strategy. I learned about all of the different FOREX trading indicators in this lesson, as well as the simplest way to set them up.

Module 15 – How To Become A Better Trader

I only received one video lesson in module 15 that lasted 36 minutes. The module 15 session, which served as the course’s final lesson, was packed with expert guidance and recommendations that helped me advance my trading.

How Much Does Trade Win Profit Academy Price Action Course Cost?

My out-of-pocket expense for the Trade Win Profit Academy Price Action Course was $349. Purchasing this course gave me a special membership to a chat room where I can exchange ideas and learn from other traders.

However, Ben is running a limited-time discount on the TWP Price Action course. Click here to get your 15% discount today. So you will be paying $297 instead of $349.

I also received a $400 bonus, a free exclusive custom supply, and a demand indicator.

Conclusion on Trade Win Profit Academy Review

I hope my honest Trade Win Profit Academy review brought you great insight into this course. So far, my overall experience was worth it. I gained a lot of knowledge coupled with a lot of practice. 

Although I didn’t quit my 9 – 5 job (which would be because I didn’t plan on doing that), with this course, you can equip yourself and make trading a full-time job and work from anywhere.

What are you ready for? Check out the course already.